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SAHTAC and CHRead submit AMA memorandum

We the undersigned organizations under the Coalition for Health Research and Development (CHReaD) and the South African Health Technologies Advocacy Coalition (SAHTAC) would like to appreciate the effort made so far to support the operationalisation of AMA. We recognise the efforts by AUC and AUDA-NEPAD to ensure the administrative and technical aspects of AMA are fully operational at the earliest time possible. We further appreciate the work by the conference of state parties to set up the administrative functions that would enable AMA function optimally. As a constituency of partners interested in advocating for the strengthening of Africa’s regulatory harmonization systems, that subsequently supports Health research and development, Clinical trials, local manufacturing and early access to new and advanced medical products, we are deeply concerned that the costing for the full operationalization of AMA has taken long and is impeding advocacy efforts and those of other interested partners to champion and resource mobilize for AMA.

Call to Action
We call upon the AUC and AUDA-NEPAD to expedite the full costing of AMA and make this public.
We call upon AUC and AUDA-NEPAD to consider bringing together and coordinating stakeholders and partners interested in supporting AMA operationalization with special consideration of advocacy partners.
We call upon AUC and AUDA-NEPAD to initiate early engagement of member states to better understand the mechanisms for financial contribution to AMA.

SAHTAC Member Organisations

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