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SAHTAC statement of G-Finder report

The 2021 G-FINDER report covers neglected disease R&D funding from the 2020 financial year, the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic. The report provides headline funding figures and trend analyses for global investment into research and development of new products to prevent, diagnose, control or cure neglected diseases in developing countries. All underlying data are available on our data portal for supplementary graphs and tables.

The South African Health Technological Advocacy Coalition (SAHTAC) Secretariat is excited to have been part of the Launch of the 2021 G-FINDER report lead by Policy Cures Research. “This is yet another important milestone and important document in helping us to understand how resources are been channelled to address the global health research and development needs,” said John Mdluli, SAHTAC Secretariat Lead.

SAHTAC carried out an analysis of the 2019 G-Finder report to provide baseline information for R&D funding in South Africa. This information forms the basis of our Primary Objective 1 on sustained funding at 2019 G-FINDER levels. “The launch of 2021 report provides a perfect opportunity for us to compare our outcomes indicators between the two reports (2019 and 2021). We therefore appreciate the opportunity to be involved in the launch and are looking forward to adopting recommendation from this report,” added Mdluli.

Read the 2021 G-FINDER report: New perspectives and its 6-page executive summary

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